Olmar Travel Mexico provides private tours to the main destinations within Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Merida, Mexico City area, as well as public tours. The rates published in the website are only valid at the time of the quotation and guaranteed upon receipt of payment. All reservations are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed until full payment has been received.

A reservation is considered complete when it provides you with a confirmation number and the corresponding charge is applied. When booking, you consent to the use of your credit card number for payment and confirm that you acknowledge and accept our reservation policies, payment and cancellation disclaimer. By completing your reservation you agree to accept the conditions and charges associated with the rate you selected.


Bookings for tours and other services in general, are only valid for the date, time and number of passengers specified in the coupon generated by the website. OlMar Travel Mexico is not responsible for the reservation or expenses incurred as a result of customer’s mistakes. If changes were required in the reservation, the customer must give notice to OlMar Travel Mexico and make sure that they receive their updated coupon. All changes are subject to additional charges if applied.  It is responsability of the customer to verify the coupon of reservation before the pick up.

​1.1. Any change that haven’t been informed and / or confirmed by the main office of OlMar Travel Mexico and reflected in an updated coupon showing the new data is considered invalid. If the coupon information does not match what the client tells to representative (more passengers trying to board, wanting to go to a different destination, have a different date of arrival , etc. ) representetive may refuse to provide the service, or alternatively, charge an extra amount of money .

​1.2. In case that a service cannot be provided as booked due to natural unexpected events, including but not limited to: earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, fire, cyclones, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, etc. OlMar Travel Mexico is not responsible to refund any amount to the customer and is able to change the service plans if the life of any team members is at risk and/or if the Operation is being seriously affected. OlMar Travel Mexico has the responsibility to inform the customer in a timely manner that the service is not going to be provided through the provided contact phone numbers, email, or any other contact via available. OlMar Travel Mexico and the customer can reach to an agreement, if possible, to compensate the unfortunate events. This will not be considered a service cancellation by the company and neither considered a No Show by the customer.

​1.3. In case the customer want to cancel the booking or doesn´t show up for the pick up due to illness and want to receive a full or partical refund for the booking, he or she must present a medical certificate proving that the customer was or will be actually physically unable to participate in the booked activity.

​1.4. It is customer’s responsibility to check his/her email for any service updates or any additional information required , this in order to provide our customers with a quality service and to keep the right for reimbursement if any mistake from our part happen; any questions the client may have, can be answered by calling the telephone numbers shown on OlMar Travel Mexico website.

1.5. Last minute reservations.

Last-minute bookings are reservations made less than 24 hours (according to the destination local time) before the requested pick-up time. We can’t guarantee service availability or timely service for last-minute bookings. The availability will depend on a variety of conditions, including pickup location, destination and the current availability of guides and vehicles. These reservations may result in a longer waiting time at the airport and changes in the cancellation policy.

1.5.1. If the service is booked less than 24 hours prior to pick and OlMar Travel Mexico could not confirm the availability of vehicles for service, the customer will be notified by email that the service has been cancelled and the amount paid will be refunded.

1.6. No Show.

The No Show occurs when the guide/representative can’t find the customer at the designated meeting point for pick up and OlMar Travel Mexico can’t locate the client for further instructions using the contact details provided within a reasonable period of time; In such a case, a No Show will be applied and the customer will lose the right to refund.


​2.1. The rates established in our website include tolls, taxes and other fees; If not specified otherwise in the description of a service.

2.2. Payments.

Customers must pay at the time of booking to secure the reservations. All charges are processed at the time of booking, the accounts are billed after the reservation is completed and bookings are refundable under the terms indicated in the cancellation policy cited below.

​2.3. Discounts.

Promotions, discounts or packages, are received by a code that reaches the email provided by the client, found online in different websites or may be provided by any member of the company. For the discount to be applied to a normal rate, the booking must comply with the parameters set out in the promotion and use a valid/active code.

​2.4. Refund.

The customer will have 7 days counting from the day that service was provided, to request a refund if the service, for some reason, wasn’t of his/her satisfaction; the request will be evaluated by OlMar Travel Mexico. Failure to request a refund within 7 days, OlMar Travel Mexico will be forced to deny the right to request a refund. Refund takes from 5 to 15 days to be transfer to the client’s account.


​3.1. Lost items.

Passengers are responsible for their own luggage and any object placed by themselves or representatives of OlMar Travel Mexico in the vehicle. OlMar Travel Mexico will not be responsible in case of damage, loss or theft of any property, including but not limited to, loss of future profits, potential revenues and additional expenses or losses incurred as a result of lost luggage.

OlMar Travel Mexico in an effort to help the customer, tries to always check the vehicles after each service, to make sure no object was forgotten; in case of loss, contact the main office using the phones on the website of the company.

​3.2. Forgotten/found objects may generate delivery charges and/or shipping costs that may need to be covered by the customer. That charge can be made by a link that we send via email or in cash to the driver. We take in consideration the time and gasoline.


​The customer is responsible for providing precise information at the time of booking. When information about the service is provided, customer agree that the information is accurate. OlMar Travel Mexico will not be responsible for the mistakes made by customers during the booking, so if OlMar Travel Mexico do not provide a service according to their quality standards or do not provide any type of service due to error by the customer, the right to reimbursement of amount paid is lost. Therefore it is your responsibility to verify the information contained on the coupon generated by the website at the time of booking, to make sure everything is correct.

4.1. Confirmation.

At the time of booking, the website generates a confirmation coupon, which is sent to the email provided by the customer; this message contains full details of the reservation made. It is responsibility of the client to verify that all the information of the coupon is correct in the confirmation emails.

​4.2. Delays.

OlMar Travel Mexico is not responsible for considerable delays in the expected arrival time due to traffic conditions, weather, road, or any other unforeseen circumstances . In such conditions , OlMar Travel Mexico reserves the right to cancel and refund reservations, before the scheduled pickup.

​4.3. Service Notifications.

Sometimes there can be delays and changes in normal operations due to severe weather and traffic incidents. Whenever is possible, OlMar Travel will notify the customer in advance these unforeseen changes.

Payment Policies

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal as payment. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or directly in our offices please contact us.

  • Your credit card will be charged by OlMar Travel Mexico with the total amount of the reservation.
  • Payments made with Visa or MasterCard: the charge will be applied in US dollars. The possible conversion to another currency will be made under the current exchange rate of your bank.
  • Once the charge is confirmed, you will receive your service coupon with additional information (e.g. pick up time).
  • You must present the service coupon at the time of boarding the van or Bus
  • The cardholder or the client on behalf must sign the boarding pass when you are boarding the tour.
  • It is needed that the holder of the credit card with which the payment was made comes with an official photo ID. Otherwise your reservation will not be valid.
  • The voucher/boarding pass is not valid until signed by the Lead Traveler, and presented at the start of the tour, attraction or activity along with a valid photo identification bearing the name of the Lead Traveler.


The following cancellation policy apply for our services:

  • Cancellations made 72 hrs before = 100% refund
  • Cancellations made between 48-72 hrs before = 80% refund
  • Cancellations made between 24-48 hrs before = 50% refund
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hrs before = no refund
  • No show = no refund

All modifications or changes must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the confirmed date for your visit.

To make any changes, please email the confirmation number of your reservation and the new date of your visit –or any change needed– to: reservation@olmartravemexico.com and our reservation staff will contact you. Otherwise, call to our reservation office at the following numbers: Cancún: +52 1 9982636588 / 9982403199

We always do our best to make our visitors with special needs comfortable. However, you need to contact our reservation staff before making your purchase and tell us the type of assistance required in order to ensure that those needs can be met.